Arbor Day 2022 NFT Staking

To celebrate Arbor Day (we’d prefer the spelling ‘Arbour’ but we’re outnumbered on this!), we’re aiming to plant 20,000 additional trees. This target is for this specific initiative only, and on top of all other tree-planting initiatives. See below for details on how you can get involved.

Getting involved is simple. Just follow the below steps and you will automatically receive your TREES tokens each day until Arbor Day comes around in 2023. If you start staking a few days late it won’t be a problem at all – you will earn the same daily rate as everyone else until Arbor Day next year.

1. Buy the NFT

It will be minted 200 times only. Available exclusively through our NFT partner, Algogems or through secondary markets.

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2. Stake the NFT

Once you have the NFT in your wallet, simply opt-in to the staking pool on AlgoStake. Staking will run for 1 full year from Arbor Day 2022 to Arbor Day 2023.

Across the full year you will earn 36,000,000 TREES. This number is static and will not change regardless of the price of the token.

Latecomers can also stake but may not earn the full 36,000,000 TREES. You will receive 98,630 TREES per day.

Stake on AlgoStake

3. We plant trees

100 trees will be planted for each NFT sold. If all 200 are sold, we will hit our goal of 20,000 trees planted!

All tree donations are fully transparent, and you can find the receipts here.

Depending on the rate of sales, trees will be donated in batches every few days until all Arbor Day 2022 NFTs have been sold.

At this point in time, we have distributed around 17% of our total supply. This means we are able to offer high rates of return across all of our staking options as part of our distribution model.

Then you’re in luck! Unlike our other staking options, staking this NFT is static meaning you will receive the same number of TREES tokens each day for a full year.

Nothing happens to the NFT itself. You still own it. The only change is that staking will be disabled.

You sure can! As the value of TREES tokens fluctuates, the value of the NFT may also fluctuate.

For example, if the price of TREES doubles, but there are still 9 months of staking left, the NFT is able to extract a higher dollar value from staking making it more sought after.

To ensure exclusivity, no additional Arbor Day NFTs will be minted for 12 months.

People may sell their NFTs so you can buy them on the secondary market. Be aware that the 12 months of staking ends on Arbor Day 2023, regardless of when you purchase it.

We will also create NFTs for other initiatives with similar staking options in the future.