Carbon Offset NFTs

As an individual or small company, it can be overwhelming trying to ensure you’re not having a negative impact on the environment. Our Carbon Offset NFTs are here to provide another option for ensuring your carbon footprint is as light as possible.


  • 1 person offset for 1 year
  • 200 trees planted
  • 5Mt CO2e offset
  • 1.0x VIP multiplier
  • Lifetime VIP access
  • NFT Preview


  • 5 people offset for 1 year
  • 1,000 trees planted
  • 25Mt CO2e offset
  • 1.1x VIP multiplier
  • Lifetime VIP access
  • NFT Preview


  • 100 people offset for 1 year
  • 20,000 trees planted
  • 500Mt CO2e offset
  • 1.2x VIP multiplier
  • Lifetime VIP access
  • NFT Preview

How it works

Taking part in this initiative is quite simple. Choose your desired tier above, click the buy button, and make your purchase on the Algogems website. You’ve now offset the carbon footprint of at least one person for a whole year!

Holding one of these NFTs means you will be eligible for exclusive benefits. Some benefits will be a regular offering, and some on an ad hoc basis. If you hold more than one of any tier, your benefits will multiply by the number you hold (e.g. additional staking rewards, extra entries into giveaways etc.)

Exclusive VIP benefits include:

  • NFT staking
  • draws and giveaways
  • special community roles
  • access to merchandise
  • random airdrops
  • other games and initiatives

More initiatives will be added in the future. If you have any suggestions, please let us know and we’ll do our best to add them.

Common questions about this initiative

CO2 is specifically carbon dioxide, and CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) accounts for all greenhouse gases which form a carbon footprint. CO2e is a much more accurate number when exploring carbon footprints.

Many publications have published research that calculates the average persons carbon footprint (specifically CO2e). The general range is 4-6 Mt CO2e per person per year. Our tiers are based on an average of 5 Mt CO2e per person per year in order to coincide with this research.

The prices are based on how much it costs to plant enough trees to offset the relevant carbon footprint from each tier. The price is fully inclusive of all offset actions, fees, administration, and any other operational costs.

While we will try and keep the NFT prices close to the USD price of each tier, we understand that fluctuations will alter these numbers. CryptoTrees will directly fund any shortages based on price movements. When you buy an NFT, we guarantee that the number of trees for that tier will be planted.

When talking about offsetting your carbon footprint, what is being described is the amount of CO2e that these trees can sequester. These calculations are done based on a 20 year span, then averaged out for a single year. This is because the first years of a trees life will sequester less than the average, while later years will sequester much more than the average.

We have various charity partners who have the means to efficiently plant a large number of trees. Trees planted through this initiative are planted all over the world, predominantly in Africa and South America.

At this point we are unable to offer any receipts or certifications for this initiative.

On top of the discounted rate for each higher tier, those NFT owners will receive higher rewards. For example, if we are giving away 1,000,000 TREES tokens in a random draw and a Silver NFT owner wins, they will receive 1,100,000 TREES instead. This multiplier will apply to most VIP initiatives.

You sure can! Initially, the payment is made to our NFT wallet (UJ3AXFERKQ5KRFPSZ35MVPEPRU5RPASDLXSDFIB7SHW7PFU5MH3ABMJIIU). Donations are made through our donation wallet (OLIVEDDKCYBCWZUMH5OYMTZ2GWUL6JRYBPNNIJTV7XO7745C5QGFPJHMTI) which you can follow. This process is the same across all NFTs and charitable donations.

You can sell your NFT as you please, but you will no longer have access to the VIP benefits. The new owner will have full access to these benefits instead. 

Note that the new owner/wallet may need to opt-in to various initiatives (i.e. staking).