Earn Crypto

By participating in the community, you will be able to earn TREES tokens. Below you can find our current initiatives. We are always adding new and fun ways to earn tokens, so check back regularly or follow us on our various social media channels.

Offset your carbon footprint & earn

Owners of our exclusive carbon offset NFTs will gain VIP access. You can stake your NFTs to earn TREES, plus draws, giveaways, and contests.

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Stake select CryptoTrees NFTs

Owners of select NFTs can stake them and earn TREES tokens. All NFTs available for staking will contribute to our tree planting efforts.

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Stake TREES via AlgoStake

Earn TREES tokens by staking your TREES tokens on the AlgoStake platform. You can claim every 24 hours with automatic re-staking.

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Stake Liquidity via AlgoStake

Earn TREES tokens by staking your ALGO/TREES liquidity pool tokens. Using the AlgoStake platform, you can earn by simply providing liquidity.

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Regular Token Giveaways

CryptoTrees regularly runs giveaways where all eligible entrants are entered into a random draw to win tokens. Details are posted to our social channels.

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Tree Hugger Initiative

Earn CryptoTrees tokens by showing your appreciation to the lungs of the Earth. Simply hug a tree and we’ll send you some TREES tokens.

Currently Unavailable