Check out some of the most common questions we receive below. We’re very open about how we operate this project, so if you can’t find your answer below, in the whitepaper, or around the website, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

How can I trust that you are donating to charity?2022-01-13T09:45:33+11:00
We understand how important transparency is when it comes to charitable donations. You will be able to see proof of donations in the transparency section of the site.
Why have you chosen the Algorand blockchain for this project?2022-01-13T09:45:35+11:00

Algorand is extremely user-friendly and has minuscule transaction fees. On top of this, they are also a carbon negative blockchain which aligns perfectly with our values.

How are the TREES tokens allocated?2022-01-13T09:45:38+11:00

See the whitepaper for a full breakdown of how we are planning to distribute all tokens.

How long will the daily lotteries go for?2022-01-13T09:45:40+11:00

These lotteries will happen indefinitely. As we move the project to more advanced and exciting phases, we expect these daily lotteries to continue to reward our holders and liquidity providers.

When will daily winners receive their tokens?2022-01-13T09:45:43+11:00
Can I lose tokens through the daily lotteries?2022-01-13T09:45:45+11:00
What if a snapshot is not taken on a certain day?2022-01-13T09:45:47+11:00
Why should I add liquidity?2022-01-13T09:45:49+11:00
How do you determine which charity to donate to?2022-01-13T09:45:52+11:00
Are crypto-trees.com and cryptotrees.earth the same project?2022-01-13T09:45:54+11:00

We own both of these domains! As the project moved forward we felt that a stronger domain would help the project better demonstrate what we’re about. The old domain will permanently redirect to the new domain.

Why did you fund the creator wallet from KuCoin?2022-01-20T00:19:48+11:00

KuCoin was used to fund the CryptoTrees creator wallet simply because one of our personal investments (Opacity), was only traded there (in terms of major exchanges). Profits from that project allowed us to provide the initial funding for CryptoTrees hence why the transaction came from KuCoin.

You’ve partnered with Flamingo Coin, what does that mean?2022-01-20T00:35:45+11:00

Flamingo Coin help us identify wallets which are bots, scammers, cheaters, and any wallets trying to gain an unfair advantage. We help them by providing giveaway data for their analysis. Check them out here – https://flamingo-coin.com/

You’ve partnered with Clean Ocean Token, what does that mean?2022-01-20T00:38:34+11:00

Clean Ocean Token (FISH) help clean oceans and waterways by paying people who do so with cryptocurrency. We have a shared liquidity pool for people to be able to trade between FISH and TREES. You can check them out here – https://cleanoceantoken.org/

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