Our Mission

This page explores what we are trying to achieve with the CryptoTrees project. For a more detailed explanation about how we aim to do this, please reach through the whitepaper and roadmap. You can also join in on the discussions across our social media platforms.

Who are we?

CryptoTrees was founded by an Australian married couple who have seen and experienced the devastating damage climate change is having on our environment and communities. Bushfires / wildfires are becoming more constant and ferocious each year causing damage to the environment, property and the lives of people living with, fighting, and surviving them.

Global warming has proven itself to have an effect on the world’s climate and studies show we need to act now to reduce the impact for our future and the future of our children.

Trent’s LinkedIn profile can be found here – https://www.linkedin.com/in/trent-paul/

Why trees?

CryptoTrees works with charities around the world who plant trees and care for forests in order to create awareness and reduce the impact of climate change.

Trees really are the lungs of the Earth. It is widely understood that they convert CO2 (carbon dioxide) to oxygen however this is not entirely accurate. Trees are actually storing that CO2 within them, and oxygen is produced as a byproduct of that storage. When the trees are cut down, particularly the old ones, all of the stored CO2 is released into the atmosphere contributing more greenhouse gas emissions.

Not only is it important to plant new trees but it’s also important to keep the existing trees and forests thriving. We ensure that the charities and organisations we work with aren’t simply planting trees but are creating sustainable ecosystems for these trees to thrive.

Why Algorand?

Cryptocurrency has a bad reputation when it comes to the environment. Bitcoin mining contributes to climate change in a negative way, but this is all people understand on the subject.

There are many reasons we have chosen Algorand for our project, but Algorand being carbon negative is the main one. We want to use our project to demonstrate that not all cryptocurrency is bad for the environment.